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                   100 MINUTES THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR PUBLIC SPEAKING ABILITY 100%                                   


For business professionals it is essential to success; for students, a crucial step in developing self-assurance and leadership. For anyone who ever has to stand up in public and make a presentation, the skill of speaking clearly and confidently is what makes us career ready, college ready and life ready.  


SO TO SPEAK  is a compendium of Practical Tips and Proven Techniques developed through three decades of speechwriting and speech coaching. Fast-paced and entertaining, its 42 pages comprehensively cover every aspect of the public speaking experience making it a perfect gift for the executive speakers at conferences and corporate events, a great tool for an office staff and, not a bad little stocking stuffer for your mumbling nephew, Herbie.

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                                                  “This book does an amazing job of breaking down the art of presenting,

                                                    making it  especially easy for all of us who have a fear of public speaking.

                                                    A must read for  everyone who wants to be successful in the business

                                                    environment or , for that matter, in life.

                                                                              JANET ELKINS President, Eventworks, Inc. Los Angeles


                                        "This is terrific! The best part is that the core principals can be applied

                                        to anybody in any situation. The format is perfect, lots of easily digestible

                                        information and a witty read."

                                                       MERYL CARR     Estate Agent  Coldwell- Banker Calabasas, Ca.


                                          "It's a jewel! A great book for students."

                                          CAROL W.WOOD Production Design Faculty, University of North Carolina 


 In stores for fourteen dollars, it is being  offered to the industry for a limited time at  $8 plus 3 dollars shipping. Six dollars ships up to ten books; over ten ship free.    

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So To Speak


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